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Contemporary Sculpture by Robert Segal is unique in the world. His mastery of design and color integration is a product of over thirty years of research and development in the quest to produce the most beautiful Polychrome Sculpture in the world. His work transcends flashy materials to stand alone on masterful composition of pure form and color. A seamless integration of varied spatial characteristics rhythmically combine to offer a varied and balanced visual experience from most any viewpoint. Rather than seek the reductionism of a Brancusi he aspires to a balanced intricacy. He is an innovator of production technology as well. His Cast Sculpture are constructed of high-tech glass reinforced epoxy with hollow or polyurethane foam cores finished with a custom formulated solvent-based acrylic lacquer. Custom coloration is also available. Segal's works have taken awards across the country and grace many of the most prestigious private collections. They are all museum quality produced by hand in the artists' own studio.


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