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Here are awards taken at major outdoor shows around the country, 1993 - 1995.

1, 25th Annual Museum of Art, Las Olas in Ft Lauderdale, FL 1994

2, Oakbrook Invitational, Oakbrook, IL 1993

3, 36th Annual, Winter Park, FL 1995

4, 29th Annual, St. Augustine, FL 1993

5, Port Clinton, Highland Park, IL 1994

6, 36th Annual, Madison Art Center, Madison, WI 1994

7, Cherry Creek, (Denver), CO 1995


Cover Artist

A sculptor for 25 years, Robert Segal attended the Art Institute of Chicago and is represented in both private and corporate collections. "In contrast to sculptors who capitalize on the beauty of materials, my sculpture is an expression of pure design; a synthesis of form and color," says Segal. The sculptures are produced entirely in the artist's studio, each a precision painting executed on a foam-cored epoxy in a satin finish acrylic lacquer.

"I believe color is a vital component to the definition of form; a philosophy well-tempered to the placement of sculpture in a contemporary interior," explains Segal.

"Politics, humor, cliches, symbolism and fads aside, it is beauty that makes a work of art endure the centuries; the gift of timeless pleasure. Today, we have a unique opportunity born of science and technology to evolve sculpture of a beauty never before seen. My work represents one person's attempt to extend this aesthetic horizon.

"It has been a long road to finally make my work available to the public. A full-time effort, sculpture has become my life-long passion. Save for a brief stint in art school, I am entirely self-taught. I gained my technical expertise in industry. This proved vital, as pioneering these new vistas required technologies unavailable in art schools. I developed customized manufacturing processes to suit my aesthetic goals, even manufacturing my own paint. Now that my emphasis has turned to production and marketing, the public reception has been wonderful. I must be on to something."

In the past year, Segal has displayed his work at such shows as the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair in Michigan; the Museum of Art Las Olas Art Festival in Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Art in the Park in Birmingham, Michigan; and Long's Park Art & Craft Festival in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. In addition, he was awarded second place in sculpture in the 1995 Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival in Winter Park, Florida and Best of Show at Art on the Square in Madison, Wisconsin.


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