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Robert Segal was born in Chicago, IL on the 17th of April 1948. He grew up in Chicago and became focused early on, at the age of 13, on becoming a Sculptor. At 16 he began night courses at the Art Institute of Chicago and a year later entered the School full time but within a year decided to pursue the gathering of technical skills in industry. Since he was already independent at that age he needed an income as well. So he took jobs in concerns where he could learn and earn at the same time. He worked as a Sculptor at a large commercial firm that produced museum dioramas, architectural models, and a variety of other productions mostly from plastics. He moved on to other industries becoming an expert welder, mold fabricator, machinist and more. During his free time he developed his sculptural vision in storefront studios around the Chicago area. It wasn’t until 1979 that he attempted to earn a living from his art. He opened a gallery in Chicago in 1982 in a first attempt to tackle the prodigious task of selling his art. Marketing contemporary Sculpture turned out to require a honing of a whole new set of skills. Success finally came in the early nineties as Segal entered the competitive arena of the top outdoor Art Fairs around the United States. He rose rapidly to acceptance and won top honors at many of the best shows. During the past several years he turned his attention to the rebuilding and expansion of his collection of designs to use for the production of a video catalog of his work as a new more effective means of reaching the public. This 18 minute VHS video is now available. It catalogs about forty works and provides an excellent means for designers and consultants to connect Segal's art with their clients.

Segal’s focus in art has never wavered from his early years at the Art Institute to the present time. He has always been fascinated by the "beautiful" in its most elementary guise, as a composition impacts the human mind and body. He has sought to understand what it is in art that people find attractive and perfect it. He began working spontaneously and then progressively more analytically. Intrigued by his findings, he began writing a book on design theory for Sculpture that is still in the making. He doesn’t have much time these days for working on it since the demand for his work keeps him very busy. His aesthetic ideas are not so much radically new as they are a pure assemblage of related concepts he likes to term Holistic Design. Mr. Segal is a Sculptor’s Sculptor. Among his peers he is respected as a consummate design theorist and visionary who demonstrates the dedication and professionalism of a true master.

JURIED SHOWS 1992-1999


Fountain Square / Evanston, IL

New East Side / Chicago, IL

Port Clinton / Highland Park, IL

Old Orchard / Skokie, IL


Art Harvest / Duneden, FL

Miami Beach / Miami Beach, FL

Mt. Dora / Mt. Dora, FL

St. Augustine / St. Augustine, FL

Birmingham-Bloomfield / Birmingham, MI

Columbus / Columbus, OH

Three Rivers / Pittsburgh, PA

Long's Park / Lancaster, PA

Old Orchard / Skokie, IL

Oakbrook / Oakbrook, IL


Madison Art Fair on the Square / Madison, WI

Beth El / Northbrook, IL

Art in The Park / Birmingham, MI

Charlavoix Art Fair / Charlavoix, MI

Birmingham/bloomfield, Birmingham, MI

Ann Arbor Street Art Fair / Ann Arbor, MI

Port Clinton Art Fest./ Highland Park, IL

Longs Park / Lancaster, PA

Los Olas Museum Fest. / Ft Lauderdale, FL

Winter Park Art Fest / Winter Park, FL

Howard Allen / Boca Raton, FL


Arts 'n Apples / Rochester, MI

Cherry Creek Art Fest. / Denver, CO

Los Olas Art Fest. / Ft Lauderdale, FL

Port Clinton Art Fest. / Highland Park, IL

Winter Park Art Fest. / Winter Park, FL


MainSail / St Petersburg, FL

Krasl Art Fair / St. Joseph, MI

Port Clinton Art Fest / Highland Park, IL

Long's Park Art Fest / Landcaster, PA

Art & Apples / Rochester, MI

State Street / Ann Arbor, MI

Art in the Park / Birmingham, MI


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